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Our Story


Since 2002  KOFEI® has been brokering Specialty and High Commercial Guatemalan coffees. 
We were approached by Small and Medium Producers from the highlands of Guatemala who wanted to sell their coffee by direct trade. Since then, we have succeded in taking their coffee to maket in a non traditional way. 
We find and prepare for export the highest quality Arabica green coffee to meet the requirements of our buyers.
We contract with the growers and buyers.
We insure quality control and export logistics.
Our business model is based on Integrity, Quality and Traceability while focusing on Sustainability. This allows us to differentiate ourselves in the market, gaining recognition from roasters, importers and producers alike.
We value our loyal customers above all and strive to serve them well.
Every year we welcome buyers from Asia, Europe, Australia and the Americas  and escort them to visit their chosen producers in the different growing areas. 
We understand that hard work and persistance, team work and dedication are essential in the quest for excellence. 
KOFEI® is clear that in order for everyone to succeed we have to promote long term relationships.




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