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KOFEI® Inc.  



  • Export Logistics for the Eight Regions of Guatemalan Coffee
  • Consolidation
  • Specialty Coffee - Small and Medium lots
  • Vacuum packing
  • High Commercial Coffee - Full lots

KOFEI® Inc Method:

Coffee is offered from any of the Eight Coffee Regions of Guatemala, via requested samples to the buyers who have been previously referred to KOFEI®
The coffees we offer have been carefully screened and selected based on buyer´s specifications for quality, traceability and availability.
We welcome requests by importers/roasters who purchase Specialty Coffees to combine medium and small lots in their shipments.
We also offer High Commercial grade in complete lots of 250/280 bags of 150 lbs each, packed in 20´ containers. 
We identify producers who have been previously referred to KOFEI® and who are interested in expanding their markets worldwide.
Each producer exports their coffee under their own name and export license, to insure maximum traceability.
Our effort is focused on helping growers implement more efficient methods of production and to achieve consistent quality by:
  • Farm visits with technicians 
  • Constant training and supervision
  • Quality improvement workshops
  • Basic training in cupping 
  • Environmental awareness
  • Sustainable practices



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