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The Roads of Coffe Hunting

Guatemala’s coffee is legendary. The more we search the more we discover new coffee treasures in our mountains. We realized that we could actually find exceptional coffees from small and medium producers which otherwise would go unnoticed: even salvage those very special small lots that would be lost in the big pile. The growers of these special coffees have become very enthusiastic and every day they strive for quality improvement. Many times they are selected to participate in the "Cup of Excellence" auction.
We also find high quality commercial coffees from larger farms, which we offer to market.
Since 2002 we have traveled all over Guatemala locating the farmers who will harvest the coffee especially for you. These unique coffees are grown under the shade of natural (endemic) and artificial forests in different micro-climates, which partillay determine the unique flavors found in Guatemalan coffees. The coffee beans are hand picked at full maturity, then processed by wet mill method and sun dried.
Guatemala had lost a lot of its forests to crops that don’t need shade to grow.  Since coffee has become more profitable, we are seeing the planting of new forests and the mountains are becoming green again.
Please review our gallery of photographs.  Don’t miss the pictures of our growers, the breathtaking mountains where the plantations are located and the homes of those growers who have become our friends and shelter us during our visits.




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